Part Time Paralegal - Synacor (Buffalo, New York)

Synacor is a dynamic, fun and exciting company. Jeans and t-shirts are typical office attire, even for the executives. Flexible work hours accommodate employees with special scheduling needs, early risers and those who need a little caffeinated kick-start each morning. Synacor's headquarters are located along Buffalo's waterfront and the Erie Basin Marina. Taking a few minutes to stretch your legs is as easy as walking the 1,000 feet or so to the water. Working from our beautiful lakefront gazebo, makes it easy to spend a little time outside while still being productive. We are looking for great people to join our team and be given the freedom to do the work they were hired to do.

We are seeking a Part Time Paralegal to provide legal and administrative support to the Corporate Counsel and other senior managers as required. This support will include, among other things, preparing legal documents, research, contract compliance, and providing general office support under the direction of the Corporate Counsel.

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