Advertising Operations Specialist - Synacor (Buffalo, New York)

We are seeking an Advertising Operations Specialist who will primarily focus on implementation and support of advertising delivery, management, targeting and forecasting operations using the DoubleClick tools (DART for Publishers, DART Sales Manager, DART In-Stream).

Duties and Responsibilities:
Manage competitive ad block program across all Synacor clients, including monitoring, tracking and reporting of all blocks.
Accurately traffic campaigns sold by Synacors media sales partners to ensure all contractual requirements are fulfilled.
Perform QA for campaign creative pre- and post-launch, including checks for adherence to creative specification, alignment with internal quality standards and correct behavior within the portals/iframes.
Ensure that ad campaigns deliver fully within specified flight dates.
Prepare reports at regularly scheduled intervals (daily/weekly/monthly) for use in revenue reports, campaign performance/optimization, etc.
Perform weekly analysis for all ad placements and ad vendors in order to identify trends that can help maximize revenue.

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